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Union Savings Bank Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Your Security Is Our Priority. Enjoy the comfort of peace of mind with around the clock fraud monitoring with your USB Debit Card.

Q: What are Union Savings Bank Debit Card Fraud Alerts?
Union Savings Bank Debit Card Fraud Alert is a 24/7 monitoring service provided free of charge to all Union Savings Bank Debit card holders.

Q: How do these alerts work?
Union Savings Bank uses sophisticated risk rating tools to understand your shopping behavior and adds historical data from recent security incidents to assign a risk level to each of your purchases. If a recent purchase is categorized as high risk for potential fraud, we will block the purchase and send an alert. Your card will have a temporary hold until you respond to us. If the purchase is categorized as a medium risk for fraud, we will not block the purchase but still send an alert for you to respond. It is very important that you respond to confirm your transaction.

Q: How will I receive the alerts and respond?
If we have your mobile phone, a text alert will be triggered first. You are asked to respond “yes” if the transaction is good, or “no” if the transaction was not authorized. If we do not receive a response to the text alert, an email is then sent with the list of transactions for you to review and verify. If we do not receive a response to the email, then the system sends an automated voice call asking you to confirm if the transaction is valid. If you select “No,” the call is transferred to an agent to confirm the fraudulent transaction(s).

Q: What happens if I do not respond to any of the alerts?
If there is no response to the fraud alerts, and the suspected activity was identified as high risk, your card will stay blocked until we hear from you.

Q: Do I have to respond if my card was not blocked?
It’s important to respond to all fraud alerts even if the activity is non-fraudulent. Your responses build your profile and help us to better detect future suspicious activity and block actual fraud attempts.

Q: What if my “yes” or “no” text response has a typo?
Our system will accept many common typo variations of the “yes” or “no” text message response. If the system cannot understand what was typed, it will generate a message to call a representative for help.

Q: If a transaction is declined due to suspected fraud, but I respond “yes” to verify that I did make the purchase, can I try to complete the purchase again?
Once the alert is updated in our system, you will be able to complete the transaction usually within 2 minutes of the initial call/text/email to validate activity.

Q: If I respond back that the transaction(s) are valid, will you automatically unblock my account?
Yes, though please keep in mind that it could take 5 minutes for a block to be removed in some situations.

Q: How can I stop text messages if I don’t want to receive them any longer?
All you need to do is respond back to the SMS text alert with the word STOP. If you opt-out of text messages, alerts will be sent via email.

Q: Can the alerts be sent to customers travelling internationally?
You will continue to receive Union Savings Bank fraud alerts if you have U.S. number that is actively working while overseas. We are unable to send text or phone calls to international numbers, but please make sure that your email address is current as we can always email you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: As a business owner, I have employee debit cards. Who receives fraud alerts for employee cards?
The cardholder information we have on file will receive the alerts.

Q: What should I do when Union Savings did not decline a fraudulent purchase?
You should call USB at 866.872.1866 immediately whenever you recognize an unauthorized purchase on your account. If after hours, contact our card cancellation line at 800.554.8969. Then call USB when we open to discuss any unauthorized purchases further. Debit card controls can be turned on in the app to restrict the use of your card until then. Choose the “More” button in the app to access card controls.

Q: What if I did not receive any of the alerts but my purchase was still declined?
Call us at 866.872.1866 so that we can review your account standing to understand the cause of a decline. The purchase may have been declined due to suspected fraud but we may have been unable to reach you due to wrong contact information. Or, the decline of a purchase may be caused by low account balance. In either case, call us to verify.

Q: How do I enroll?
All Union Savings Bank Debit Card holders are automatically enrolled in fraud alerts.

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