Security Center

Customer Data Protection

Union Savings Bank utilizes and maintains a number of systems that access and control customer data within the Bank. These systems use state-of-the-art security to ensure a protected environment that safeguards the confidentiality of transactions and customer data. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is used to provide privacy for data that transfers across the Internet.

SSL is an open protocol for securing data communication across computer networks that provides a secure channel for data transmission through its encryption capabilities. It allows for the transfer of digitally signed certificates for authentication procedures, and provides message integrity, ensuring that the data can’t be altered en route.

In addition, strict internal procedures are in place within Union Savings Bank, controlling every aspect of Bank administration including training employees and confirming customer transactions. We work with a number of third-party data partners who also employ strict security standards to ensure data integrity and to safeguard all Union Savings Bank data. Union Savings Bank and our partners regularly test the integrity of security systems and upgrade these security systems as advances occur.

Employees of Union Savings Bank and our data partners are subject to background checks, and adhere to a strict standard for safeguarding customer data that incorporates passwords, restricted access, secure email, shredding of sensitive data, logging of all user activity and ongoing access reviews.

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