We’re passionate about giving back.
It’s in our very nature.
$10 million
Contributed to community organizations
Hours volunteered by our USB team
Our Featured Programs
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USB Teachers' Closet

Together with our employees and customers, we’re providing supplies to students at schools in the communities we serve.

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Share the Love of Reading

Thousands of books have been donated to children in local communities through our annual Share the Love of Reading program.

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USB Gives Back

USB employees collaborate to give back to organizations and causes that mean the most to them.

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Financial Literacy

Through ongoing events, programs and the FutureTrack Love to Save blog, we’re bringing financial literacy to all.

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The USB Foundation

The USB Foundation provides grants to organizations that educate and enrich our communities.

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More Causes We Care About

USB is truly dedicated to the communities we serve. We have an unwavering passion to give back.

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Request a Donation or Sponsorship

Giving back is an integral part of who we are. Learn how to apply for support or a grant, or request volunteers for your organization.

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