Remote Deposit Capture: Paper deposits from the convenience of your office

Connect a dedicated check imaging scanner to your PC while accessing USB’s secure Business Online Banking Plus portal and streamline your deposits, ensuring efficiency, speed, and security.

Remote Deposit Capture Features:

  • Shorten days outstanding; funds availability provided the next business day
  • Deposit checks, money orders, travelers’ checks and cashiers’ checks
  • Eliminate the expense and risk of staff trips to the bank
  • Virtual endorsements and deposit tickets available
  • Image retention
  • Customized reporting, including business location indicators
  • Scan a batch of 50 checks within five minutes
  • Mobile image capture availability

Remote Deposit FAQs

How do I get a USB Remote Check Deposit account?

Call the USB Treasury Services team at 866.650.0720.

What is USB Remote Check Deposit for businesses?

Without visiting a branch, Union Savings Bank’s Remote Check Deposit lets you get your deposits into the bank quickly and efficiently. By scanning them in using a special desktop check scanner, you are able to make your deposits from the convenience of your office, and later than you would at a branch.

How does remote check deposit work?

Remote check deposit is a web based system that allows business customers to deposit checks remotely from their office using a check scanner.

Do I have to purchase special software to use remote check deposit?

No special software is necessary but customers do need to purchase a scanner that connects to their desktop computer.

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