What is a SBA Loan and How Does it Work?

SBA loans are long-term loans partially guaranteed or funded by the government. Unlike conventional term loans, SBA loans offer business owners the opportunity to take advantage of lower down payments and favorable terms while removing some of the barriers of traditional financing options.

USB’s SBA loans can help your business:

  • Launch or expand a business or franchise
  • Finance or boost permanent working capital
  • Purchase new equipment, heavy machinery, specialized equipment or other fixed assets
  • Purchase or improve real estate

Types of SBA Loans

SBA 7(a)

For borrowers needing to expand business through real estate or business acquisition, or to manage cash flow on loans up to $5,000,000

SBA 504

This is a great option for borrowers planning to expand a business through real estate or building acquisition or construction.

SBA Express

For borrowers needing up to $350,000 to expand, purchase equipment or another business, or simply help manage cash flow.

Benefits of a SBA Loan from USB

As an SBA Preferred Lender we do the following:

  • Support you with an expert team
  • Make local decisions, allowing us to provide quicker turnaround times on approvals

To expedite your loan process, USB has the authority to:

  • Make credit and eligibility decision
  • Process, close, service and liquidate SBA guaranteed loans prior to SBA review*

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