Customized financial advice for employees at Union Savings Bank in Connecticut

Let us focus on a future for you and your employees.

So you can focus on the future of your business.

When you own a business, it requires an incredible amount of time and attention to keep it moving forward. In fact, one can often be so focused on the future of the business that your own future (as well as that of your employees) can wind up on the back burner. After all, cash flow concerns are often front and center – and saving for retirement can feel like something that can happen later. In a conversation with Union Savings Bank, you can determine what programs you can put in place for yourself and for your employees to ensure the future. It’s a great way to offer extended benefits to yourself and to your people while you keep your eye on the ball.

Customized financial advice for you and your employees.

Gain peace of mind for yourself and your employees by talking to us about planning retirement, managing investments or protecting one’s legacy. It’s a benefit your employees will appreciate and one that frees you up to concentrate on your business. We offer clear communication, a collaborative environment and personal attention to everyone’s goals.


We simplify financial planning and investment management services by keeping them under one roof, close by, comfortable and personable.


Our Wealth Management Professionals can guide you through the process of setting up estate trusts and estate plans, designed to protect your wishes.


Leverage the experience of Union Savings Bank Trustees to bring experience and an objective viewpoint to administering your legacy.


Let us evaluate your insurance needs, identify gaps, and offer life insurance plans and annuity plans to provide protection and confidence.

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