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ATM Security Tips

Union Savings Bank is always looking for ways to keep our customers informed and protected.

Here are some ATM security tips that we find to be helpful.

Use ATMs in a well-lighted, open, high-traffic area.

Always check the machine before putting your card in – is the card slot securely in the machine? Does anything look out of the ordinary? Has anything been installed around the edges of the machine that looks strange? Is there any glue or sticky substance around the key pad or card slot?

Always attempt to cover your hand when you enter your PIN so that the numbers cannot be captured by onlookers.

If there is more than one ATM, and a sign has been placed on one of the units saying it is out of service, use caution and potentially look for another ATM location, as the sign could be an attempt to direct traffic to a fraudulent machine where skimming equipment has been installed.

Beware of offers for help from strangers during an ATM transaction.

Always review your account activity and report any unauthorized credit or debit charges by calling customer service at 866.872.1866.

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