Types of Business Real Estate Properties we Finance

We offer access to flexible, cost-effective lending that is tailored to the needs of developers and investors in the following real estate classes:

  • Owner-occupied – Purchase, new construction, renovation or refinance your growing business
  • Investment property – Retail, industrial, mixed-use, and multifamily buildings and more

USB Business Real Estate Property Financing Benefits

  • Properties financed up to 80% conventional financing and 90% with SBA
  • Competitive fixed (Conventional or Swap) and variable rates amortized up to 30 years
  • SBA available
  • Local, quick decisions
  • Expert personalized guidance and service from a dedicated local banker
  • Low borrowing costs
  • Customized underwriting and pricing
  • Experienced, knowledgeable lending professionals
  • Access to key decision makers, including Executive Management
  • Stable, well-managed mutually owned financial services provider

Helping Our Customers Grow And Expand Their Business

  • $460,000
    Owner-Occupied Commercial Mortgage Purchase
    Graphic Design Company
    Bethel CT
  • $228,000
    Purchase Mortgage
    5-unit residential complex
    Torrington, CT
  • $135,000
    Commercial Mortgage
    Mixed use retail/residential property
    Brookfield CT
  • $375,000
    (10-Year Term Loan)
    Investment property/mixed-use
    Commercial mortgage
    Tuckahoe, NY
  • $360,000
    SBA Purchase
    Commercial Mortgage
    Automotive Company
    Brookfield, CT
  • $2,700,000
    Owner Occupied
    Industrial Property
    New Milford, CT

Business & Commercial Loans FAQs

Does Union Savings Bank offer commercial loans?

Yes. For more information please visit or call us at 866.872.1866. We offer competitive fixed and variable rates which can be tailored to meet our client’s needs.

What type of commercial loans does Union Savings Bank offer?

We offer a broad range of commercial products including commercial construction and term loans, commercial mortgages, secured lines of credit for short-term cash flow needs, term loans for equipment and vehicle purchases, and an unsecured business cash reserve line to protect against overdrafts. We offer competitive fixed and variable rates which can be tailored to meet client needs.

Does Union Savings Bank sell their commercial loans?

No, we don’t sell our commercial loans and all servicing is done here in CT by USB commercial loan officers assigned to personally service you and your business account.

Business Customer Stories

We've Helped Thousands of Local Connecticut Businesses Just Like Yours

Customer Stories
When Jen decided that she wanted to start looking for her own piece of property for her small business, she turned to her trusted partner, Union Savings Bank, the community bank that’s been helping her feel comfortable with financial and banking decisions for over 10 years. As she continues to watch her students grow and succeed, we’ll be there to help make sure her business does too.
Customer Stories
There aren’t many businesses that can say they are in their fifth generation. For John Koster, president of Koster Keunen Manufacturing, located in Watertown, CT, there is a sense of responsibility to make it to the sixth and seventh generations. Established by newlyweds Johanna Keunen and Bernhard Koster in Holland in 1852, Koster Keunen has been a world leader in natural wax for over 160 years. Their refined waxes can be found in cosmetics, automotive applications, pharmaceuticals and inks, to name just a few. Recognizing the rising need for organic products, they were the first natural wax company in the U.S. to obtain the USDA Organic Handling Certificate. John’s over 14 year business banking relationship with Union Savings Bank has grown as the business has grown, to where the U.S. location now occupies over 100,000 square feet. A revolving line of credit helps finance the company’s seasonal purchases so Koster Keunen can deliver materials year round. Providing for customers as their needs arise – it’s a goal we have in common.
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