Union Savings Bank offers convenient online bill pay for business anywhere in Connecticut

Online Bill Pay for Business: Get more done. Faster.

With Business Online Bill Pay you can:

  • View the earliest possible payment date for each vendor.
  • Pay an unlimited number of bills monthly.
  • View itemized and detailed payments on your monthly statement.
  • Send electronic payments to hundreds of national and regional billers.
  • Set up recurring, fixed-amount payments.

Union Savings Bank Business Online Banking offers online bill pay for your accounts. To pay bills online is one of the most productive and easy ways to get an often tedious task completed.

You can set up automatic payments and transfers to get bills paid quickly. Paying online puts you in control; it’s also a great way to keep records of which bills have been paid and when – all in one place.

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Bill Pay FAQs

How do I access Bill Pay?

After you enroll in USB Business Online Banking, Bill Pay can be accessed using the Money Movement Tab in Business Online Banking. No additional enrollment required if you indicated you want Bill Pay enabled on your checking account(s).

How do I pay my business bills online?

From your USB Business Online Banking account, click the Money Movement Tab and then select Bill Pay. You can make a one-time payment without leaving the page you’re on. Simply enter your payment details, verify the information and you’re done. Business Online Banking also gives you the flexibility to set up repeating and future-dated payments.

Is there a limit to the amount of bills I can pay with business Bill Pay?

While there are no limits to the number of bills paid via Bill Pay, please note that daily limits are $20,000 per transaction and $40,000 per day.

Can multiple users on my business account access Bill Pay?

If multiple users access your account within Business Online Banking Plus, the primary user may grant additional users access to Bill Pay.

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