Union Savings Bank’s Remote Check Deposit lets you get your deposits into the bank quickly and efficiently. By scanning them in using a special desktop check scanner, you are able to make your deposits from the convenience of your office, and later than you would at a branch. Eliminate the cost of staff trips to the bank and remove the ‘desk float’ of waiting until the next trip to the bank by scanning the checks into Remote Check Deposit.


Protect your business against the losses associated with check and electronic payment fraud. We work to detect unusual or unauthorized disbursement activity – identifying exception items and allowing you to make the decision to pay or return the items. It’s another layer of protection; another way we watch out for you so you can watch out for your business.


Don’t leave your funds hung up longer than they need to be – USB lockbox services eliminate the time and expense of processing remittances in-house while optimizing the amount of cash you have available to fund operations. Enjoy next day availability on deposits, copies of checks and deposit information, and custom reports by e-mail or online.


Maintain total liquidity and maximize interested with a Union Savings Bank Automated Investment Sweeps Account. Any excess funds over your target balance are swept into an investment account to earn interest, provide collateral and become immediately available when needed to cover checks or other account activity. A great way to reduce idle balances and earn interest.*


Transfer funds between businesses and consumers simply and quickly. Send out payroll direct deposits to your employees, saving time, effort and money by reducing paperwork and mailed checks. Vendors can be paid electronically to ensure on-time payments. Make payments even faster with Same Day ACH. ACH bank transfers can also be used to collect preauthorized debits, as well.


Eliminate excess balances spread across separate accounts when you link your accounts to automatically transfer funds to where they are needed. Gain tighter financial control by managing payments, transfers, deposits and balances through a fully automated process. Your money is always where you want it to be.


Even as a local community bank, Union Savings Bank can deliver the international banking services you require. Let us handle your foreign currency transactions (wire transfers, international drafts and checks drawn on foreign currency) and provide international letters of credit. Enjoy local convenience, on a global scale.


If you need to move money quickly, then USB’s Wire Transfer service in Business Online Banking can accommodate both your domestic and international needs. You can initiate same-date and/or future dated wires quickly and conveniently from your office computer and receive email notifications and alerts for your wire.

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*This investment is not a bank deposit and is not FDIC insured. In the event of the Bank’s failure to repurchase the securities, the FDIC will recognize your security interest in these assets.

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