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Safeguarding Your Private Information

There are a number of smart, simple steps you can take to safeguard the security of your personal information. Here are tips that help you address or prevent the most common security pitfalls.

Credit Cards

Photocopy all account information

Keep credit card receipts

Contact issuer if new cards don’t arrive on time

Review bills each month for misuse

Shred pre-approved credit offers before throwing them away


Don’t use last four (4) digits of your Social Security Number

Don’t use maiden names, birth date, middle name, pet’s or children’s name

Don’t use consecutive numbers

Add a second password to bank accounts if possible

Social Security Number

Never give to anyone unless absolutely necessary

Check Social Security benefits statement annually for fraud

Social Security Benefits Administration: (800) 772.1213


Install a firewall

Update virus protection software regularly

Password protect key files

Use a ‘wipe’ utility program to remove data before disposing any hard drive or PC

Please Note: Union Savings Bank does not ask for your account or confidential information unsolicited by phone, email or text.

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