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USB Mobile Money is secure!

Did you know…All USB Mobile Money Banking services use the same security standards as USBonline Internet Banking?

Mobile Banking Security Tips

Union Savings Bank is committed to making our customers feel confident using our services anywhere, anytime. That’s why we have put together the following security tips for our customers to keep in mind, when banking with a mobile device such as a cellular phone, smart phone, tablet, BlackBerry®, Palm®, or other powered device:

  • Always store your mobile device in a secure location, and utilize the keypad lock or phone lock function when the device is not in use.
  • Make sure to frequently delete text messages that contain financial information, especially before lending out, discarding, or selling your mobile device.
  • Never disclose via text message any personal/sensitive information such as account numbers, passwords, social security number or birth date that could  result in ID theft.

Mobile banking applications (apps) are programs that you can download to your mobile device, which let you monitor your finances and conduct certain transactions.

  • To ensure the safety of your personal and account information, download mobile apps from reputable sources only.
  • For your security, sign off of mobile banking when you finish using the USB Mobile Money app.

If you believe that someone has withdrawn or transferred money from your deposit account online or on USB Mobile Money without your permission, or that your online User ID or password has been stolen, please contact Union Savings Bank immediately at:

Online Support: 866.719.6654

If you change your mobile phone number, remember to remove the old number from your mobile banking profile by going online to or calling customer service at 1.866.872.1866.