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Savings Opportunities with Your Best Interest in Mind

With a wide range of savings products designed for every budget and flexible maturity periods, saving has never been easier or more convenient. Explore the many ways Union Savings Bank can get your money working harder for you through our competitive savings products:


Savings & Money Market Accounts

Choose from three unique accounts, each providing different benefits – Premier Savings, Statement Savings and Money Market. Learn More >

Certificates of Deposit

Choose the term and maturity date that works best for you and earn higher interest on your account. Learn More >

Health Savings

Tax-exempt savings for qualified medical expenses, your money earns interest at a tiered rate. The more you save the more you earn. Learn More >

Club Savings Accounts

Structure a dedicated savings plan for special occasions, a vacation or trip, and other adventures. Learn More >

Secure your future with an IRA.  Start saving and receive potential tax benefits.  Find out which IRA is right for you. Click here to find out and then schedule an appointment with a member of our FutureTrack team.