Health Savings Account

How much can I contribute to my HSA in 2024?
What is the contribution deadline for a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
How do I contribute to my HSA at Union Savings Bank?
Who is eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
What are some of my responsibilities as the HSA account owner?
Do I have to deplete my HSA balance by the end of the year?
What type of statements for my HSA account will I receive?
Who maintains the records to determine whether HSA distributions are used for qualified medical expenses?
Can I have a joint HSA with my spouse?
What happens if I overdraw my HSA?
Can I withdraw my HSA funds for purposes other than qualified medical expenses?
How do I reimburse myself for qualified HSA medical expenses that I paid from another account?
What are HSA qualified medical expenses?
How do I take a HSA distribution from my HSA account?
Who is responsible for determining whether contributions to an HSA exceed the maximum annual limit?
Who can make contributions to my HSA?
Can self-employed individuals have a Health Savings Account?
What are the benefits to having an Health Savings Account (HSA)?

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