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Overdraft Protection provides Flexibility and Peace of Mind!

Overdraft Protection is a personal line of credit that provides overdraft protection when your checking account balance drops below zero. So if you don’t have the balance available to cover a check, purchase or withdrawal, funds are advanced from your Overdraft Protection line of credit, up to your available limit.

There are several benefits and advantages to Overdraft Protection:

  • Only the exact amount of the overdraft will be credited, so you never borrow more than you need.
  • Interest is charged only when you use your line of credit – competitive fixed rate of 18% APR.
  • No bills to worry about. Upon the next deposit to your checking account, the overdraft amount will be automatically transferred to repay the Overdraft Protection balance and restore your available credit.
  • Borrow for pennies at a time, avoiding overdraft fees for returned checks or insufficient funds!

How do I get an Overdraft Protection Account?
You must apply for an Overdraft Protection line of credit. Please visit your nearest branch location to complete an application for an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit.

All loans are subject to credit approval.