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USBonline BillPay Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How do I log in to USBonline BillPay?A) To get started you need to log in to your USBonline account. Then simply click on the BillPay tab along the top navigation bar to access your BillPay Account.  

Q) What information is needed to pay my bills online?A)  To add a company to your list of bills, you need the company's name, address, phone number, and your account number.

Q) How do I pay my bill online?A) In order to pay a bill online through BillPay, you first add the vendor’s  information to your USBonline BillPay account. Once the vendor information is added, it will appear in your list of billers.  Simply choose that company and enter the amount and date you want the payment to be made.   You also use the Payment Center to view your pending and recent payments.

Q) How much does it cost to pay my bill online?A) It’s free! There are no fees for using USBonline BillPay.

Q) Can I pay my bill directly from my savings account? A) No, you must have a checking account in order to utilize USBonline BillPay.

Q) Can I cancel a payment once it has been submitted? A) Yes. After you cancel a payment, its status changes to “Canceled” and it is not processed. Canceled payments are an Option under the “View Payments and Bills” section.

Q) During what hours can I get Client Services Center assistance if I have a problem with USBonline BillPay?A) You can contact our Client Services Center during normal business hours at 866-719-online (866-719-6654). If you have questions specifically about USBonline BillPay, you also can call 800-895-7918 between the hours of 7:00 am and 1:00 am EST, seven days a week.

Q) How can I keep track of my bills in USBonline BillPay?A) USBonline BillPay provides the following features for keeping track of your bills - Bills List, Bill Reminders, E-mail Reminders, Payment Assistant, Pending Payments, Recent Payment, and Bill History.

Q)  Will you still be offering the payment guarantee service?A)  Yes, we’re pleased to offer this valuable service for our customers’ ease and peace of mind.

Q) Will my current browser work with USBonline BillPay?A) For best performance, we recommend you use one of the following supported browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Windows XP) 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (Windows XP) 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (Vista) 
Firefox 3.05 (Windows XP) 
Apple Safari 4.0.x (Mac OS X 10.5x)

Q) Where can I find other Help for USBonline BillPay? A) Log in to USBonline and navigate to the BillPay section. Once in this section go to the HELP menu in the top right-hand corner. In this pop-up help section you will find more information on BillPay such as Getting Started with BillPay, other FAQs, and USBonlineBillPay Help Contents. Plus, you can receive live help from our Customer Service Department during normal business hours. Just give them a call at 866-719-ONLINE (6654).

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