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USB Voice ID: Call us and we’ll know it’s you

Using USB Voice ID, your voice is your password

USB Voice ID uses voice verification, and innovative biometric technology that uses your unique voiceprint to identify you when you call in to Union Savings Bank. It’s a simple, secure and seamless way to avoid answering multiple security questions. And because your password is now just your voice, you’ll always have it with you and you’ll never forget it.

Call 866.872.1866 to enroll.

With Voice ID, we can verify you by the sound of your voice.

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Our innovative biometric technology uses your unique voiceprint to identify you when you call. This means you won’t have to answer multiple security questions and can focus on why you called.

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Enrolling is fast. Call our Customer Service Center at 866.872.1866. Then say a few phrases and your unique voiceprint will be captured and associated with your accounts.

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Your unique voiceprint is created from more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, shape of your mouth and vocal tract. Unlike passwords, your voice can’t be stolen.


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