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Contactless USB Debit Card
Simply tap your card to pay for a more convenient and secure checkout.
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Check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, make deposits, and view transaction histories at your own convenience.
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View your account balances, check recent activity, make bill payments, deposit checks and transfer funds quickly and securely.
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Early Payday
Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit. That’s two days earlier than your co-workers.
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Set up automatic payments and transfers to get bills paid quickly.
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Looking for a simple bank wallet? Got a smartphone? With a digital wallet, you can use your Union Savings Bank credit and debit cards to pay right from your device.
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USB Voice ID
Call us and we'll know its you.
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USB People Pay
When you add USB People Pay to your account, there's no easier way to exchange person to person payments with practically anyone.
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Go paperless and get your account statement electronically...quicker, safer and access it virtually anytime.
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If you’d rather use your keypad, USB Telephone Banking allows touchtone banking anywhere, just dial 800.860.6670
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Have your paycheck automatically deposited into your USB checking account.
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Find a Union Savings Bank ATM
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Manage your bank account with ease

With USB Digital Banking Tutor, you can learn how to use our online and mobile banking products so you can better manage your finances wherever you are, anytime you want.

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Get started with a Simple and Secure Checking Account.

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