Business Checking

Does Union Savings Bank offer a business checking account that comes with free transactions?
Can I transfer funds from my business checking account to my personal checking account?
Can I make deposits to my Union Savings account from my office?
What is a business signature card? Why do I need to send it back to you?
Is there a cash handling fee?
Can I link my business savings to my business checking for overdraft?
How does remote check deposit work?
How many checks can I include in one business remote check deposit?
Can I export, save and print images of my deposited remote deposit checks?
Can I cancel a Bill Pay payment once it has been submitted?
How do I send business wire transfers?
How do I sign up my business for ACH Bank Transfer payments?
Can I use Quicken with my business banking accounts?
What are the “Unreported Details” I sometimes see in my transaction history?

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