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USB People Pay

A great way to move money from person to person.

Splitting checks. Paying the sitter. Getting reimbursement from a friend. These are just some of the everyday situations where person-to-person payments can come in handy. With Union Savings Bank People Pay, you can send or receive money into or out of your account without having to visit an ATM or write a check.

When you add People Pay to your account, there’s no easier way to share payments with practically anyone. You can send money to another’s savings or checking account number, mailing address (by check), their mobile number or simply their email address – without reaching into your wallet.  You can sign up for USB People Pay from your USB Online Banking account.

USB People Pay FAQs

What is USB People Pay?

USB People Pay is a fast and convenient way to send money electronically to friends and family without having to visit a branch, ATM or write a check. You can send money to practically anyone using their e-mail or mobile phone number.

Do recipients of USB People Pay have to be Union Savings Bank customers?

No, money can be sent to anyone with a valid bank or PayPal account. Non-customers will be sent an email or text letting them know they have money to claim.

Is there a cost to use USB People Pay?

Yes, there is a charge of $ 0.35 per transaction when using USB People Pay.

How do I sign up for USB People Pay?

There is no sign-up required for USB People Pay. To access USB People Pay, navigate to “pay and transfer” within USB Online Banking and select People Pay.

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