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USB People Pay

A great way to move money from person to person.

Splitting checks. Paying the sitter. Getting reimbursement from a friend. These are just some of the everyday situations where person-to-person payments can come in handy. With Union Savings Bank People Pay, you can send or receive money into or out of your account without having to visit an ATM or write a check.

When you add People Pay to your account, there’s no easier way to share payments with practically anyone. You can send money to another’s savings or checking account number, mailing address (by check), their mobile number or simply their email address – without reaching into your wallet.  You can sign up for USB People Pay from your USB Online Banking account.

USB People Pay FAQs

What are the system requirements for USB Online Banking?

Click to view the system requirements for USB Online Banking

How do I reorder checks?

To reorder checks click here
Your browser settings must be set to allow pop-ups for website and mobile to access all of the features.

What is the Send on Date for online check payments using Bill Pay?

The Send on Date is date that you select when scheduling your online check payment using Bill Pay in Online Banking and is displayed within the calendar widget when scheduling a bill payment.  The Send On date is when Union Savings Bank will check to see if the funds are in your account at approximately 9:00 p.m. EST. The funds to cover this payment must be in your account BEFORE 9:00 p.m. EST. If funds are not available at this time, the payment will fail and an email/alert will be sent. If the funds are available, the payment will be sent.

What is the Deliver by Date for online check payments using Bill Pay?

The Deliver by Date is the date you select that you would like your payment to be received by is displayed within the calendar widget when scheduling a bill payment. The process time is approximately 5 business days to arrive to the person/vendor you are paying. These checks are sent as if they were from you and funds will be withdrawn from your account when the payee cashes your check.

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