City of Danbury, Union Savings Bank Offer Relief to Federal Employees and Families Affected by Shutdown

Bank to waive monthly fees, offer interest-free loans and conduct food drive

Danbury (January 17, 2019) – Mayor Mark Boughton, the City of Danbury and Union Savings Bank announced in a press conference earlier today that they will be offering several initiatives to provide relief for federal employees and their families affected by the government shutdown.

“Union Savings Bank is here to help our community members impacted by the federal government shutdown,” says Cynthia C. Merkle, President and CEO of Union Savings Bank. “These are our friends and neighbors who need our help. They are the people we see in the grocery store, the people whose kids sit next to our kids in school, and as they continue to do their jobs through this shutdown, we will do our job as Connecticut’s community bank to support them.”

“The City of Danbury is proud to work with Union Savings Bank to provide immediate relief to those affected by the government shutdown,” says Mayor Boughton. “We know that 78 percent of Americans work paycheck to paycheck, so we need to put money in the hands of our impacted community members who are having to choose between going to work and paying for utilities, mortgages or food for their families as quickly as possible.”

These initiatives include conducting a food donation drive at all Union Savings Bank branches, where they will accept non-perishable food donations now through February 16. The bank will also waive monthly fees related to deposit accounts and offer interest-free loans to federal workers who live or work in the Union Savings Bank community and are not being paid during the government shutdown.

There are more than 8,000 federal employees in the state of Connecticut, and an estimated 1,500 have been affected by the government shutdown. As Connecticut’s local bank, Union Savings Bank is committing to helping these employees and their families in the community by collaborating with the City of Danbury to provide relief and support. The bank invites those affected to contact a branch manager for assistance.


Mayor Mark Boughton and Cynthia C. Merkle, President and CEO of Union Savings Bank, stand next to the USB collection box for non-perishable food donations. There will be collection boxes located at every Union Savings Bank branch.
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