USB In The News: Fulfilling Your Business Banking Needs With Personalized Services

USB In The News: Fulfilling Your Business Banking Needs With Personalized Services

In today’s world of big financial institutions, it’s easy to become frustrated with slow, bureaucratic processes, and it’s difficult to build a trusting partnership with organizations that don’t understand your your business or small business banking. If you’re a small business owner, maintaining long-term customer relationships and providing personalized service are more than just pride points, they’re the foundation of your success. Don’t you deserve the same level of personal banking services from your banking partner?

We’ve served as devoted partners to thousands of Connecticut-based businesses over the past 150 years, providing everything from commercial lending to cash management services. Yet even after a century and a half, we’re not resting on our laurels. As the business landscape evolves, we want to remain the best bank for small business and we’re always looking for the best ways to deliver these services, such as through our dedicated Business Solutions Teams, which provide comprehensive, flexible financial solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

But don’t just take our word for it. Many news outlets, both nationally and locally, have taken notice of our continued endeavors to support businesses throughout Connecticut. Here’s what some of those outlets had to say:

Customized Business Solutions

We believe small businesses are the foundation of local communities, and that extends to our own branches, some of which house our dedicated Solutions Teams. These teams offer a one-stop shop for personal banking services and small business banking for your banking and financial needs all under one roof. National banking publications, including Independent Banker and American Banker, investigated our Solutions Teams and their unique approach to providing customized services for businesses from their local branch rather than working through a centralized headquarters. Our teams work elbow-to-elbow in localized settings that foster more intimate conversations with our commercial clients so we can gain a clear understanding of their particular needs. The Solutions Teams’ efforts, successes and growing popularity among small to mid-size businesses is evidence of the power of regular, face-to-face interactions in creating a unique solution for the various financial areas where you’ll need assistance, including commercial lending, cash management, wealth management and real estate lending.

You can read more about our Solutions Teams in these publications:
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Community Dedication

To quote the Danbury NewsTimes, “many Union Savings Bank customers don’t dread a trip to the bank. In fact, they downright enjoy it.” That’s a sentiment we work hard to earn, and a reaction that we never take for granted. We’ve built that reputation as the best bank for small business over the last 150 years by remaining dedicated to our local communities, such as through donating and volunteering with nonprofits. Our customers love working with a bank that’s as invested in their community as they are, and we bring that passion to the small businesses that work with us as well.

Read more about what some of our customers have to say in these articles covering our 150th anniversary celebration:
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Let’s Start a Conversation

We’re ready to give you the tailored financial and personal banking services you need to reach your business goals. Give us a call or stop on by one of our branch locations – we can’t wait to meet you!

Written by Melissa MacCaull
Director of Marketing, Union Savings Bank

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