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ATM Machine FAQs

Q: Can I use an envelope for my deposits?
A: No, you don’t need them. Our ATM does not accept envelopes. Instead, there are separate slots to insert checks and cash.

Q: Do I have to place the checks in the ATM one at a time?
A: Yes. For the ATM to be able to read the checks and display the image on the screen and the receipt, you must place them in the ATM one at a time, following the instructions provided on the ATM.

Q: I tried to deposit my check into the ATM and it would not accept it. Why not?
A: The most common mistake people make with new, state-of-the-art ATMs is that they try to deposit checks inside envelopes. The check receptor will not accept an envelope, only individual checks. Insert your checks face up, signature and date end first, one at a time. If you have followed these instructions and your check still isn’t accepted, it could be because of the check itself. For example, some rebate checks are printed on very thick paper, which the ATM may read as more than one check. Checks are rejected for other reasons, too, such as an invalid or unreadable routing number, if the check is damaged or torn and/or if the check is blank.

Q: I entered the amount of my check incorrectly. What do I need to do?
A: The ATM will display the check image and the check amount you entered and allow you to cancel the transaction. If you continue the transaction with the incorrect amount, your deposit will be adjusted to the correct amount as part of the normal ATM settlement process.

Q: Why is there a black line across the bottom of my check when it appears on my receipt? 
A: The account information on the bottom of checks deposited is “blacked out” to protect you – it is an added security feature.

Q: Each check that I deposited was listed individually, not as the total deposited for two checks. Is this right?
A: Yes, each check is listed individually on your receipt and posted to your account. If there is a problem with an item, it is much easier to communicate with you using single check information.

Q: I have to insert checks one at a time, so will it take me longer to make deposits?
A: Since you are able to make deposits without envelopes, many people find it more convenient to make single check deposits as they get checks. However, even when you do a multi-check deposit, it shouldn’t take that much longer plus you will have a copy of each check on the receipt for your records, making it safer and more convenient to do your banking at our ATMs.

Q: Do I need to sort my cash before depositing it?
A: No. USB’s ATM will automatically sort and count your cash deposits. It doesn’t matter what order the bills are in or which way they are facing. And the ATM will itemize and total your cash deposits on-screen and on-receipt. 

Q: How does the ATM know how much cash I am depositing?
A: The cash receptor can accurately determine the denomination of each note, and keeps track of the total. This information is displayed on the ATM screen after it has been counted.

Q: The ATM would not accept all of my cash. How come it kept giving me back one of my bills?
A: The cash receptor performs validation tests on every bill inserted and can accept up to but no more than 30 bills at a time.Sometimes a bill looks okay to you, but still fails one of the validation tests. In these cases, the ATM cannot accept the bill and will return it to you. 

Q: Can I verify the accuracy of my deposit before completing the transaction?
A: Yes. You will see each check and the amount on-screen for instant verification. For cash deposits, you’ll see a list of each denomination deposited and a total cash deposit amount.

Q: What if I disagree with the total cash amount the ATM displays?
A: Our ATM cash acceptor is very accurate. However, if you are unsure about a deposit you can select “cancel” and have all of your original bills immediately returned to you. You may try again or visit one of our branches during normal business hours for assistance.