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Welcome Parents – We Want to Help You Teach Your Children about Banking Basics!

When it comes to teaching kids about money, the sooner you get them started the better. That’s why we’ve pulled together some useful information to help you start the conversation and get your kids saving, spending and banking wisely! In this section, you’ll find pages on the following:

Money Talks

The importance of talking about money and how best to communicate concepts like savings and financial responsibility. Learn More >

Set Up to Save

Two simple ways to set your child up for saving.
Learn More >

Value of Money

Teaching your child to set financial goals and plan purchases wisely. Learn More >

Want vs. Need

Explaining the difference between wanting and needing things, and why it’s important to have the patience to make smart money choices. Learn More >

Impact of Spending

Demonstrating the impact money has on everyday life, and ways to manage it effectively. Learn More >


Fun and educational reading and websites to explore with your child. Learn More >