Washington Supply Company

Washington Supply Company has been a building supply and information center in northwestern Connecticut since 1893.  Evolving with the times, it’s grown from a supplier of feed and grain, to lumber and hardware, to an outdoor living retailer.  Just over nine years ago, a group of employees bought the business with the financial support of Union Savings Bank.  Those owners/employees are President Valerie Sedelnick, Vice President Jay Combs, Jim Bate, and Tom Saunders.

They have built their business on a philosophy of community first, looking at their customers in many ways as a family.  That’s why they provide the best customer service and building products possible.  They are an information center and really dig in to understand their customer’s building problems and how to solve them.  Washington Supply Company is Northwestern Connecticut’s most complete home center, with everything you need to build and finish your home.

Washington Supply Company, just one of the 10,000 business banking stories Union Savings Bank helps to tell.

Video Transcript:

Community is so very important to our business.  I mean, we look at everybody in many ways like a family.  I’m Valerie Sedelnick, I’m the President and CEO of Washington Supply Company.  I’m Jay Combs, I’m the Vice President of the company.  Washington Supply has been in business since 1893.  It started out as a feed and grain.  Then from there we worked in to a hardware store, lumber yard to help take care of our community.  I was an inn keeper, I did every job needed.  I learned the electrical the plumbing and the building tree.  I went in to Washington Supply and I’ve been there ever since.  Jay is the face of Washington Supply.  Why thank you.  We’ve been here 28 year working for the company and now we’ve been fortunate enough to buy it nine years ago.  We found a wonderful bank who backed us up and it happened to be a community bank.  With Union Savings Bank you’re not a number.  We are actually real people and a real business.  And everybody there is just so friendly, you feel so comfortable with them.  You know the people you’re dealing with and they know us and they understand our needs.  Our whole philosophy is if you come in here to the store we try to know you, we try to understand what your problems are and get you solved.  We’re a hardware store and lumber yard but we’re here for you.  Any question, call me any time.  We’re an information center, yes that’s very well put.  Thank goodness for the bank because we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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