Hollandia Nursery

Located in Bethel, Connecticut, Hollandia Nursery has gained a reputation as the state’s premier garden center, with hundreds of thousands of plants, display gardens and annual community events. This family-owned business employs up to 100 people during peak growing season and includes a team of experienced experts to help customers with their own garden needs.

As a long-time customer of Union Savings Bank, Hollandia Nursery appreciates the Bank’s loyalty and community connection to its businesses. Whether it has needed to purchase new equipment or expand the property, Union Savings Bank is there for Hollandia Nursery.


My passion for the business started a long time ago. I grew up here on the property. To be here and work the property for that long of a time – there’s the smell in here, the feeling in here, the community – it’s really special. My name is Eugene Reelick and we’re standing in Greenhouse 7B at Hollandia Nursery in Bethel, Connecticut. The nursery started in 1964 in a two-car garage that my parents, Hans and Sally Reelik, started and grew and expanded to the outskirts of Bethel to where we are today.
It’s a tough business. It’s seven days a week, 24 hours a day. I was up at three o’clock this morning, Greenhouse 14D, the furnace went down. You can’t do it unless you have the staff, unless you have the employment that has that same passion that you do. During our peak growing season, we have close to 100 employees. We have parents that work here, their children have worked here, and their grandchildren have worked at Hollandia – it’s really incredible.

I’ve been with Union Savings Bank a long time, at least 30 years. Whether we want to expand with new vehicles, new greenhouses, new properties, they’re always there for us. Community banks – they’re our neighbors. You don’t just talk about the pennies in your pocket. You talk about the weather, talk about the kids, you talk about your parents, you talk about their parents. It’s a whole community. At Union Savings Bank, their commitment to me, their loyalty to my business, to our family and to be there for the community is priceless.

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