Danbury Square Box Company

Christmas tradition at the home of Chris Ann and Michael Allen, owners of Danbury Square Box Company, means throwing out the present and looking at the box to see how it was constructed.  (Yes, that’s a family joke).   Danbury Square Box has been supplying the Danbury businesses and industries and surrounding communities since 1906.  They have been a financial customer of Union Savings Bank for decades.  Just like Union Savings Bank, they are deeply rooted and a strong provider in the Danbury community, helping many charities along the way.  Danbury Square Box is a manufacturer of custom corrugated cartons, point-of-purchase displays and promotional packaging.

Danbury Square Box Company, just one of the 10,000 business banking stories Union Savings Bank helps to tell.

Video Transcript:

The box business is a direct indicator of the economy.  If nobody’s buying boxes, they’re not making product, and they’re not being shipped around the country.  I’m Chris Ann Allen we’re at the Danbury Square Box company where I’m the vice president.  Michael Allen president.  My great grandfather started the Danbury Square Box company in 1906.  My grandfather kept it going, and my father really tried to expand it.  The legacy of Danbury Square Box is sometimes a little overwhelming because it’s been here for so long.  Everyone either knows somebody that’s worked here or knows somebody that currently works here.  Danbury Square Box Company’s role in the community is very strong. We’ve helped many charities, little leagues and the volunteer fire department.  And just supplying the industry of Danbury too.  We are deeply rooted in the Danbury community.  Our joke at the Allen family at Christmas is you throw the present out and you look at the box.  so I think we all very much enjoy how they were constructed.  I think we’re one of the banks oldest customers.  I mean we’ve been dealing with Union Savings Bank as far back as I can remember and I know my grandfather had accounts there.  I always get a person on the phone.  They have great customer service. When I go in to the branch they know who we are.  It’s a nice relationship.  They grow and are just a strong community provider and we’re trying to do the same thing.

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