Bantam Bread

After more than 25 years in Litchfield County, awarding-winning bakery Bantam Bread is known for making some of the best bread in Connecticut. Locals especially love its breads, sweets and desserts, and the bakery is always willing to give back to its local, small community.

Union Savings Bank has been with Bantam Bread since the beginning. Along with helping the bakery grow over the years, owner Niles Golovin loves working with the friendly staff at his local Union Savings Bank branch, who know him and other local customers by name.


I’ve been a baker for 25 years and I still enjoy doing this job and being an important part of the community in Lichfield. My name is Niles Golovin, I’m the proprietor of the Bantam Bread Company. We are almost in our 25th year now and we’re getting better all the time. We’ve been fortunate. I mean we’ve gotten awards for best bread in Connecticut and best bakery at one point. It’s so nice to live and work in the same small community because everywhere that I go I meet people who can’t wait to tell me how much they love what we do. Organizations know that when they come to me and ask for bread, we’ll stockpile some bread and we’re happy to do that. That’s what you do when you live in a small community like this.

We’ve been banking with Union Savings Bank for about 25 years now. Union Savings Bank is part of the community. If we have any difficulties with anything they’re always there on the spot to help us out. I really feel that they care about us as customers. They’re the easiest people to work with in town. They do feel like community. Everybody in that place is cheerful and every one of the tellers call all of their customers by name. It really is, you know, a special place and I appreciate having that service. There would be a big hole in Bantam if this bakery was no longer operating and that’s just the way it is and Union Savings Bank as well.

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