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Fast, Reliable, Secure...Complete Business Payments and Other Transactions with Wire Transfers from USB

The fastest and safest way to transmit money around the world, Union Savings Bank offers you a complete range of U.S. dollar and international money-transfer options.

The unparalleled speed of wire transfer gives you the power to meet sudden cash transfer needs.  When you use wire transfers, you have control over your company's cash because there are no delays due to float.

You can custom design your wire transfer program too...

  • Repetitive wire transfers are requests sent on a regular basis. The only variable is the dollar amount.
  • Non-repetitive wire transfers are a fast, flexible way to move funds.

When you need to move funds quickly and reliably – for a brokerage purchase, electronic payment, drawdown, or other transaction where you need speed and verification – Union Savings Bank delivers. Wires are sent the same business day if set up before 3:00 p.m., Eastern Time.