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Here’s How to Enroll in Business Online BillPay

Paying your business bills online is quick and easy. To enroll in Business Online BillPay, first log in to your Business Online account. Once you are logged in, click the Management Tools in teh top navigation and select Bill Payments when the enrollment screen appears. Review the Bill Pay Agreement, click Accept and follow the on-screen instructions to set up payees and payments as follows:

  • Click the Add a Bill tab
  • Choose a Company or Person to pay and click Continue
    • Use the Search function to search for the payee
  • Once the payee is located, complete the information requested. Include account numbers, correct address and phone number. If the payee is a person, verify address information.

How to Pay a Bill Using Business Online

  • Click on the BillPay tab
  • Within the Payment Center, use the drop-down menu to choose an account
  • Type in the amount and the closest pay date will appear. You can choose another future date but not anything sooner. All payments are guaranteed to arrive at the payee on the date shown.
  • Click Make Payments and your payments will be scheduled
  • After reviewing the scheduled payments click Submit Payments, followed byFinished to return to the Payment Center