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Explore frequently asked questions about FutureTrack

FutureTrack is a goal-based planning service with ongoing coaching that combines financial insights and certified FutureTrack Coaches to guide you along your financial journey so you experience better outcomes and experience fewer unknowns.

Wherever you are in your life today — establishing your credit, preparing to buy your first home, or setting up a plan for your sunset years — FutureTrack is your personal planning solution. Together with our certified coaches, you review your options, get help making informed decisions, and manage your plan for success. We’ll help you chart your personal financial journey with ongoing advice, insights, and digital tools. Our assistance isn’t one and done — we’re here for the entire journey, no matter the path you choose.

You can book a FutureTrack appointment one of three ways:

Our FutureTrack coaches will sit with you and ask questions about your current financial situation and your future goals, both short and long-term. From there, we’ll help you chart your personal financial journey with ongoing advice, insights, and digital tools.

FutureTrack is free to all current USB customers. If you’re not a customer, it’s easy to become one. Give us a call at 866.872.1866 or start by opening a personal checking account online.

It’s all about YOU! Making the right financial decisions can be a lonely, daunting experience. Future Track is an opportunity to finally feel like you’re not tackling it on your own. Together with Union Savings Bank, you can find the financial outcomes you seek with the support and guidance of a trusted partner. These days, people don’t always follow an ‘obvious’ or ‘traditional’ path. At USB, we know every person has a different vision for what their ideal future looks like. We nuance our program to reflect the individual goals of every customer–so each person can find their financial freedom and happiness, whatever that looks like for them.

It’s your financial journey, your goals and aspirations, so we’ll talk about what is important to you. Some of the life goals other FutureTrackers have discussed with us include buying a house, starting a family, paying for college, planning for retirement, and saving for a wedding or a trip. This is your journey and we will meet and be here for you, where ever you want your journey to go.

Our certified FutureTrack coaches have completed an extensive course of study culminating with seven separate exams in order to receive the BVS Performance Solutions designation of Lifestage Financial Consultant (LSFC™), so they are equipped with the knowledge to help you with a variety of financial topics.

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