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If you’re applying for a mortgage, you may be wondering what documents you need in order to submit your application successfully. Check out our helpful mortgage document checklist so that you can be prepared when you visit your lender.

Employment Documents

In order to apply for a mortgage, your lender will need to know more about your earnings. The employment-related paperwork needed for mortgage applications may include:

  • W2s
  • Employment history going back two years
  • Commission and bonuses, if applicable
  • Tax returns, if self-employed

If you need to request any of this information from your current or past employers, be sure to ask ahead of time so your application can move as smoothly as possible.

Assets and Debts

Your lender might request a list of your assets including your checking and savings account balances, retirement accounts and any property you currently own. They may also want to see records of debts such as student loans, credit card debt, current mortgages and others.

Your Application

Of course, your mortgage specialist will need your completed mortgage application to officially begin the process. The other materials can be gathered before you even start looking for a home. Your application and offer letter or contract of sale, however, can only be obtained once you have decided what home you want to buy and are ready to extend an offer.

Remember that every offer is unique and could take more or less time than you expect. Collecting as much of the paperwork needed for a mortgage application as possible ahead of time will enable you to place an offer when you are ready and can help your home buying process move along more quickly.

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