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Much of New England may still be under several inches of snow (or more), but believe it or not spring is just around the corner. If spring cleaning is a part of your end-of-winter routine, you can look forward to more than tidy rooms and fresh air. Spring cleaning can also help you refresh your budget. As you swap out heavy winter coats for light spring jackets, here are 3 ways to cut the winter weight out of your household budget just in time for warmer weather.

Inspect your home for any winter damage

Drastically changing temperatures can do a number on your home. From melting snow on the roof to freezing and thawing pipes in the walls, the rapid heating indoors and the cold air outside can cause damage that may not be visible until there’s a major problem. And as temperatures begin to rise, issues can literally begin to expand with the heat. Spring cleaning your home gives you the chance to carefully inspect your ceiling, windows, baseboards and other areas where leaks could accumulate so you can catch problems before they start.

Making sure your home is well insulated will also help you cut costs as temperatures rise. Just as proper insulation helps keep the heat inside during the winter months, it helps lock in the cool air during late spring and summer. This can help cut back on cooling costs in the months to come.

Sort through all of your seasonal clothing

It’s the same story every year. Your seasonal clothing swap starts out with the best intentions as you carefully organize your sweaters in one box and pull out your t-shirts from another. But as the enthusiasm wears off, you’re throwing anything and everything together just to get the process over with. That’s why it’s important to get a head start this spring and sort through all of your wardrobe. This could save you from purchasing items you already have and save your budget from busting at the seams. If you do decide to replace some clothing, consider selling or donating the unwanted items rather than throwing them away.

Cut subscription services you’re not using

During the cold winter months, convenience is key. Subscription services for everything from entertainment to meal prep can make it even easier to stay indoors. As the weather gets nicer, you may find yourself venturing out more often. Remember to review your winter subscription services and cancel the ones you’ll no longer be using. This can save you from months of throwing away money that may not be able to be retrieved.

Tidying up your home for spring can help you uncover great ways to save in the coming months. Starting early can help you spot issues before they become a problem. You can also take your time when evaluating your budget for chances to save. For more savings and budgeting tips, visit our FutureTrack blog.

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