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Planning for Retirement is a Collaborative Process

Planning your retirement is an ongoing process, even after you stop working.  Here is how we'll work together.

UNDERSTAND Articulate how  you envision retirement, including your priorities, goals and fears. Facilitate a discussion of your priorities, goals, and fears.
Gather and provide information regarding your finances: income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Educate you on key risks in retirement given your specific financial situation.
  Organize the information you provided and document your current financial situation.
DESIGN Review the proposed approach and verify that it meets your income needs and reflects your priorities. Analyze your unique situation based on the information you provided.
Develop a sustainable spending policy that differentiates your needs from your wants. Propose a viable investment approach for retirement; one that addresses your needs, balances risks, and reflects a sustainable withdrawal from your assets.
IMPLEMENT Ask questions to fully understand our recommendations. Execute the agreed upon plan using specific solutions that reflect your unique situation.
Complete paperwork to implement solutions and transition your assets. Provide you confirmation when plan has been implemented.
MANAGE Adhere to agreed upon spending policy. Monitor the plan regularly and recommend necessary adjustments.
Communicate frequently to ensure we are on the right track. Incorporate changes that occur in your life and update plan as needed.
  Discuss your progress toward meeting your objectives.

Make a Complimentary Retirement Planning Session

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