Our Principles

Your financial well-being drives everything we do

collaborative approach

We understand there is no one-size fits all solution.


Expectations are important. Let's walk you through our process.

Flexible Communication

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Financial well-being

Save for tomorrow while enjoying today.

Rest Easy – We’re Here To Partner With You

FutureTrack was created upon the idea that everyone has a different financial journey - and that journey deserves a truly personalized solution. We don't cater to one tax bracket or age group, but rather focus on the personal financial goals of our individual clients.

Meet the FutureTrack Leader - Karina Towne

Karina has spent over 15 years in the world of finance–the last five of those with Union Savings Bank. With a BA from Purchase College, professional certifications for Individual Retirement Accounts and Social Security Education and a degree from the CT School of Finance and Management, Karina is well equipped to guide you on your financial journey.

Habla Español.

    Discover how we can help guide you on your financial journey

    Big Banking Muscle,
    Small Banking Charm

    We do what the big banks do. The difference is that we know your name and care about the things you do. We have the flexibility to help customize the solutions you need.

    we are a mutual bank
    committed to mutuality

    This means we're committed to the best interests of our customers, communities and employees. We're focused on long-term relationships not short term gains.

    we look at dividends in
    an entirely different way

    We return earnings to the community in the form of charitable contributions.

    Make a Complimentary Goal Planning Session

    Discuss your goals with our FutureTrack team and we'll work with you to map your financial journey.